Michel Roux

My husband David and I were so sorry to learn that Michel Roux had died this week. We wish to extend our deepest sympathy to Alain and all the Roux family. We have read glowing tributes and wish to add ours too for when our paths crossed in 2002 on a visit to The Waterside Inn in Bray, Michel gave me an opportunity to produce some exclusive art for him to use in his restaurant business, his open willingness to help and support my works have left treasured memories.

Myrea Pettit at lunch with Chef Patron Michel Roux at The Waterside Inn,

And so I did. Michel then asked me if I would be kind enough to draw some images, with food as the theme, and we met again when he asked me to lunch with him 5th September, and was able to present to him my work.

Another fine eating experience this time cooked by his son Alain who follows in the family tradition, ‘just an amazing chef’, no wonder the coveted three star Michelin accolade has been awarded to The Waterside Inn for seventeen years.

I would recommend this experience to visitors to UK as the ultimate of fine hospitality. The lunch was superb as were the fine french wines, as you might expect as the guest of the Patron.

I was greatly honored and delighted when Michel showed appreciation of the images I had prepared for him. For me my Valentine visit had turned into a real fairy story.

Thank you Michel Roux for your support and enthusiasm I greatly appreciate everything you have done for me.


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