Coton onto Fairies

My friends Albert and Supanee Gazeley invited myself and David to pick fruit in their orchard just outside Cambridge. Wow! what a beautiful experience to see Albert and Supanee again and to share time together picking the most beautiful fruit from within over fifty-nine acres of prime orchard. The whole experience was so uplifting and creative, there was great healing and it was very spiritual. There are definitely Fairies and little people that live among those trees.

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2 Responses to Coton onto Fairies

  1. Albert says:

    In fact there are SIXTY acres of prime orchard LOL – and of course a vineyard too . . .
    I bet David slept the rest of the afternoon . .

    • Myrea says:

      I thought there were more and we had only touched on a small part ( I increased my comment to 59 to allow for the correction), trying to find some wine fairies now for the part we missed, instead of David’s wine circle that only seem to taste six bottles amongst twelve of them third Friday every month. He’ll put it on the agenda for next weeks meeting! xx

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