Penguins Beach in London

What a great day out in London, the zoo gave me the urge to go back again to the Amazon where I saw so many of these wonderful creatures in their natural surroundings. Gorillas fascinate, monkeys tease, Camels give you the hump, Spongebob gets into the Aquarium, Spiders make you squirm, bugs make you itch, Butterflies buzz and tinkle, Tigers terrify, Lions Roar, Komodo dragons to be feared, Giraffes get hungry, Pelicans ready to feed, and Penguins happy in their new ‘Beach’ enclosure just opened.
Come rain or shine a first at the London Zoo for Me, my sister Michell, and little niece Storme with Grandad David taking most of the photos and being in a few himself. We finished up just checking on Sherlock Holmes and his friend, flatmate, and assistant Dr. John H Watson at 221b Baker Street London

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