Well we finally made it to Prague, we had intended to celebrate Charleigh’s twenty fifth birthday there on December 11th last, but British Airways couldn’t cope with the fog at Heathrow, and got all their planes out of place so we spent most of the day in the duty free lounge and celebrated with an Italian lunch at Strada, before being told of delay upon delay and finally a cancellation, with the ensuing chaos so we finally went home. Disappointment indeed but a re-booking for Epiphany Jan 3-7 meant there were still Christmas markets, and we celebrated with those who do not accept the change in the calendar Julian to Gregorian and the loss of 11 days in 1752 so we enjoyed Christmas Eve folk dancing and returned on Christmas day (old calendar)

Julian to Gregorian calendar

Julian to Gregorian calendar


CIMG6410 CIMG6420 CIMG6421 CIMG6428 CIMG6434 CIMG6437 CIMG6438 CIMG6439 CIMG6443 CIMG6444 CIMG6446 CIMG6447 CIMG6449 CIMG6450 - Copy CIMG6451 - Copy CIMG6458 - Copy CIMG6462 - Copy CIMG6466 - Copy CIMG6467 - Copy CIMG6468 - Copy CIMG6469 - Copy CIMG6470 - Copy CIMG6471 - Copy CIMG6472 - Copy CIMG6473 - Copy CIMG6474 - Copy CIMG6475 - Copy CIMG6476 - Copy CIMG6477 - Copy CIMG6478 - Copy CIMG6479 - Copy CIMG6485 - Copy CIMG6488 - Copy CIMG6490 - Copy CIMG6491 - Copy CIMG6492 - Copy CIMG6493 - Copy CIMG6495 - Copy CIMG6496 - Copy CIMG6498 - Copy CIMG6499 - Copy CIMG6500 - Copy CIMG6501 - Copy CIMG6502 - Copy CIMG6503 - Copy CIMG6398 CIMG6399 CIMG6400 CIMG6401 CIMG6402 CIMG6404 CIMG6405 CIMG6406 CIMG6407 CIMG6408

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