‘Penny’ You are my Inspiration !

Today I needed a little break from painting, a coffee at the garden centre sitting among the colors of the spring flowers to feed my creative inspiration and so David and I went to Harlestone Garden Centre. Little did I know that the lady David saw looking for a vacant table carrying her tray of tea and pastries he invited to join our table as we were about to leave except I was on the mobile talking to my daughter Elle. By the time I had finished my call David was well into conversation with Penny and he then introduced me.

Penelope was just the tonic I needed, what a lovely lady with a wonderful view of life with all its ups and downs, (Great Picture of you) and she was able in that short time to inspire me beyond measure, in truth it was synchronicity working its usual surprise when least expected, when earth energies of like mind travel along paths and are destined at some point to meet.

Thank you Penny, you have made my day complete I wish you and your family a wonderful Happy Easter, your dogs and cat your husband, sons and the brother who has renewed your life with the love of his kidney to help you. David and I were truly touched and inspired. Myrea x

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